Industriella Panel-PC:er omfattar en kategori av enheter, inklusive rostfria varianter, som är särskilt anpassade för användning i branscher med höga hygienkrav, såsom livsmedels- och läkemedelsindustrin.

Industriell Panel PC

Industrial Panel-PCs - Robust and Customizable Solutions

Industrial panel-PC devices are specially designed for rugged industrial and commercial applications and have several characteristic features that set them apart from regular computers. These include:

Robust construction: Panel-PCs are built to withstand extreme conditions such as shocks, vibrations, and extreme temperatures.

IP rating: They often have high IP ratings to withstand dust, moisture, and water ingress, which is crucial in industrial or outdoor environments.

Customizability: Panel-PCs can be customized with various ports, connections, and expansion options to integrate with different systems and devices.

High performance: These devices are equipped with powerful processors, graphics cards, and memory to handle demanding industrial applications and processes.

Touchscreen: Panel-PCs are equipped with touchscreens to enable monitoring, control, and data collection through user interfaces.

Custom software: They can run specialized software optimized for industrial applications for better integration and use in specific industries.

Industrial panel-PC devices often have robust stainless steel enclosures and high-quality materials to resist corrosion and provide a durable solution for demanding environments.

Their design is optimized for easy cleaning and disinfection, which is crucial in environments where cleanliness is important. Stainless steel Panel-PCs are designed to withstand regular cleaning and strong cleaning agents without affecting performance or durability.

The high level of hygiene and cleanability offered by stainless steel Panel-PCs makes them a significant investment for businesses requiring precise monitoring, control, and data systems in hygiene-sensitive areas. This technology not only increases productivity and efficiency in workflows but also ensures compliance with strict hygiene standards in industries with high cleanliness and safety requirements.