First responders

Tactile Works with several rescue services and delivers computers and tablets for driving support and rescue leaders. Computers for driving support are permanently mounted in the cars and are used for navigation, alarm information and status. In the case of computers for rescue leaders, tablets with a docking station for easy docking and unloading from vehicles, field-adapted for vehicle and outdoor environments (IP class 6x or higher and drops from at least 1.2m and usable in wide temperature ranges) are recommended.


Tactile has a wide selections of rugged mobile tablet PCs for harsh environments. The touch panel is durable and works with fingers, pointers and gloves. All components meet industry standards, which means that the computer is reliable, has a long life cycle and handle all the tough treatment in harsh environments.

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Recommended for fixed mounting in cars, equipped with 4G and GPS / Glonass as driving support. 

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Our rugged laptop portfolio is designed to withstand harsh treatment in harsh environments.

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