Tactile has, for many years, developed durable and robust computers that are suited to very demanding conditions, appropriate for manufacturing industries. We have developed solutions that improve efficiencies within the sector, and products that enable greater automation.

Stainless steel

Tactile IPST is series of stainless steel panel pc's fully protected to meet the IP65 standard. IPST is specially suitable for humid environments with high demand on reliability. For environment with high hygiene requirements the IPST is easy to clean and sanitize. washed off.

Click here to see IPST-15B

IP classed 

The IPST-WTB has a standard enclosure to meet IP66 and can be configured to meet with the IP69K standard. IP69K will enable a gap-free design, allowing for easy cleaning and sterilization.

Click here to see the IPST 22WTB


IP65 42" Stainless Steel Display Enclosure is completely sealed, IP65 (NEMA4) grade. Widely used in chemical industry, food industry, medical devices, appliances etc.

Click here to see IMON 42

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