Oil / Gas & Mining

Modern mining/extractive industries are dependent on high quality computers for efficienct and secure operations in enviornments that are very demanding. Tactile and its cooperating partners have develped total solutions that are suited specifically for these conditions. Tactile works closely with several companies in the sector and has thereby acquired knowhow and experience that means we can help you meet your particular demand specifications.


The Tactile VMR is a series of rugged panel pc's where durability and reliability is a must. The VMR has a durable aluminum housing with a water and dust protected front designed to meet IP65 level. The display is equipped with a resistive anti-scratch 3mm thick touch screen to support inputs from both fingers, gloves and pen.

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Our rugged laptop portfolio is designed for industrial and heavy use.

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The Aegex10 TM Tablet is specially built for use in the most dangerous zones of explosive environments. The patent-pending industrial tablet PC, which cannot ignite a spark, enables superior mobile communication in dangerous places where traditional devices cannot be used.

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