Mounting & Assembly Services

Tactile offers mounting services of equipment at our customer site locations. We will advice the best suitable mounting solution and accessories. With a wide range of mounting gear for different demanding environments we will assure a long, lasting and high-quality installation.

Replacement of existing units.

With our flexible mounting adapters it is easy to mount Tactile computers on already existing mounts customized for other brands such as LXE, Åkerström, JLT or Trafficom. We will provide adapter connectors and cables for powering the units matching any previous installation if existing hardware is health enough. These two options enables installation to be done within minutes when swapping to a Tactile computer.

VESA standard

All our products comply with the VESA standard. We offer a wide range of suitable mounting solutions in terms of wall mounting, panel mounting, vehicle mounting and vehicle docking.

By providing mounting & power accessories from leading partners we will offer our customers a one stop buy.

Power & Saftey

When unsure how to provide a proper power source to your units. Please consult with us. We will either provide the necessary hardware and cables or can assist on-site. This to ensure longevity in computer products and to assure the minimal damage upon possible future power failures.

Contact Us

For more information please contact us. A sales or technical representative will contact you shortly.