Tactile wifi monitoring


Tactile Monitor is a service that displays quality and functionality for communication between truck computers and resources via WiFi-like wireless networks. Monitor provides the ability to quickly and easily demarcate potential problems with communication so that downtime can be minimized. Installed in a truck's computer the function collects continuous data, which is displayed in clear reports at the service level provided. Disruptions and slowdowns/delays cause automatic notifications to operational staff, clear information from the system identifies the type of issue and provides the basis for determining further action.


A function on the truck computer runs a background test at regular intervals. The truck computer sends statistics and relevant communication information to an analysis server over the WiFi network. Information and statistics are offered via a web-based interface that is accessible from an ordinary internet browser. The system sends a warning message to the appropriate staff whenever there are communication problems.


Tactile also offers special services in which we do an analysis for a limited period for a number of truck computers in operation