Tactile Rugged Computers AB complies with the GDPR

As either a client or partners of Tactile Rugged Computers AB, you can feel secure about how we store and manage your information. All data and information is handled and stored in compliance with GDPR. It is used for marketing information and related activities, and in accordance with various legal requirements – for example, the Bookkeeping Act (1999).

Database excerpts, information, correction and deletion

You may ask for excerpts of information held about you, request its correction or even deletion, by contacting us by telephone at +46 8 5000 14 50, or by email at You have the right to request that data and information about you is not used for directed marketing.


Information that is provided to, or gathered by Tactile Rugged Computers AB is intended for use in marketing and informing clients and partners of our products and services. Information may be used to a lesser extent to profile and categorize clients and partners so that we can better provide them with the most appropriate and relevant information. If you no longer wish that your personal information is used for this purpose you may request that it be deleted.

Collection of personal information

Tactile Rugged computers AB collects personal information about clients and partners primarily through


When contacting Tactile Rugged Computers AB through the Website, you are informed about consent in terms of GDPR, only information that an agreement requires is stored. We request your consent through some form of contact, for any information stored over and above that required by law. You can give your consent to our request electronically on the website.

Access to personal information and security

Within Tactile Rugged Computers AB we ensure that so few staff as possible have access to stored personal data. Information given to, or collected by Tactile Rugged Computers AB may, in individual cases, be provided to partners or suppliers. All personal data is protected from unauthorised access by passwords, and other security measures. Personal data is kept as long as it is needed for the purposes for which it was collected, and only for a maximum of 36 months after the latest contact. If the information is used in accounting, contracts, or for similar purposes, it is kept in accordance with applicable law.