Industries are undergoing a digital transformation, and the need for specialized technology is increasing exponentially. Tactile offers solutions with its advanced industrial computers.

Industrial PC

What is an Industrial Computer?

An industrial computer is a powerful computer that is specially designed for use in industrial and commercial environments. These computers are often self-cooling to handle dusty and hot environments. Industrial computers typically have more ports and ports for older hardware. They are used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, logistics centers, and other businesses where the demands on equipment are more extensive than in a regular office environment.

Industrial Computer or Regular Computer, What's the Difference? 

Robust Construction and Durability

Industrial computers are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments. They are shock-resistant and protected against dust, water, and vibrations, which increases their lifespan and reduces operational interruptions.

Customized Hardware

Industrial computers are often equipped with specially designed hardware to fit various tasks. They can have different screen sizes, keyboard layouts, or built-in modules like WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS. They also often have older interfaces that are uncommon on consumer computers today, such as COM or serial ports.

Temperature Tolerance

Industrial computers can operate within a wide temperature range, making them useful in extreme environments, from cold rooms to hot production lines.

Screen Technology

If industrial computers have a screen, they often use technologies like resistive or capacitive touchscreens, allowing them to be used with gloves or in moist conditions.

Long Life Cycle

Industrial computers typically have a longer life cycle than regular computers. This is important for businesses that need consistent and reliable solutions over time without worrying about rapid technological changes.


Industrial computers are adaptable and can be used for a range of applications, including automation, data collection, process monitoring, and control.

Tactile's Industrial Computers

Tactile offers an impressive set of industrial computers optimized for modern manufacturing. Our industrial computers are not only robust but also flexible and powerful. With various configuration options, they can be customized to specific needs and tasks.

Industrial computers from Tactile represent the future of manufacturing solutions. Their tailored design, robust construction, and versatility make them essential tools in modern industry. With a focus on durability and adaptability, these industrial computers are ready to lead companies towards a more efficient and smarter manufacturing process.