Tactile has worked for many years with mobile shock-tolerant computers – laptops, tablets as well as vehicle-mounted equipment. Together with our partners we have developed products and solutions that meet your operational needs. Tactile makes local adaptations that may be required to meet your demands. The products we recommend to your operations naturally meet standard MIL-STD and IP53 or higher IP class.

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Box PC

Tactile offers advanced Box PC solutions, tailored for military use. Our Box PCs are built to withstand extreme conditions and deliver reliable performance during the most demanding missions. They are equipped with rugged components and have high resistance to vibrations, shocks, and temperature variations. Moreover, they are designed for easy integration into various military systems and vehicles, offering a flexible and efficient solution for all types of missions. With Tactile's Box PCs, military users can rely on durable and powerful technology that meets the stringent demands of field operations.

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Tactile has a wide selections of rugged mobile tablet PCs for harsh environments. The touch panel is durable and works with fingers, pointers and gloves. All components meet industry standards, which means that the computer is reliable, has a long life cycle and handle all the tough and harsh treatment in harsh environments.

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Our rugged laptop portfolio is designed for to withstand harsh treatment in harsh environments.

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