Tactile at Zymbios

Posted on 12/05/2023

Zymbios chooses Tactile Rugged Computers' reliable truck computers for its continued expansion.

Streamlining and digitizing logistics operations places high demands on the choice of hardware. A truck computer must be robust and durable enough to withstand vibrations, impacts, and temperature changes that can occur in an industrial environment. 

Logistics operations are crucial in a company because they streamline the flow of goods, information, and resources from suppliers to customers.

Flexibility, speed, and at the same time having high delivery reliability are especially important for companies managing other companies' warehouse and logistics operations, a so-called 3PL. One company meeting this challenge is Zymbios Logistics Contractor in Kumla.

Zymbios has been conducting logistics operations since 2006 and has since expanded significantly. Their customers place high demands on the company, and to meet these, it is important that all links in the operation function smoothly and without friction.

When Zymbios was choosing new forklift computers, they opted for Tactile Rugged Computers and their VMR12A. Since then, the company has steadily increased the number of truck computers in line with its expansion. The choice fell on Tactile's VMR12A because the computer has the robustness, operational reliability, and secure wireless communication capability that we require, says Tobias Rosén at Zymbios.

Tactile's endeavor to constantly improve and develop their products has created confidence in their customers to be a long-term and reliable partner.

The VMR series exemplifies this adaptability to meet specific customer needs. Depending on the conditions, you can choose between a 12-inch or 15-inch screen size. You can also opt for an i5 processor and/or a 1000 nit screen for daylight readability. In addition, there are various built-in modules like WiFi, 4G, and GPS, which can be added to fit your business. Moreover, you can customize the forklift computer with expansions for audio, USB, COM, HDMI, MPCIe, GPIO, and CAN Bus, giving you full flexibility.