Zebra TC78

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The Zebra TC78 (Model: TC78B1-3T1K4B1A80-A6) is a sophisticated mobile computer designed for robust performance in various operational settings. It features a 6.0-inch display, Sub-6 5G connectivity, 4GB RAM/64GB flash storage, and an SE55 scanning engine, making it a reliable choice for real-time data access and communication.
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Elevate your operational efficiency with the Zebra TC78 Mobile Computer (Model: TC78B1-3T1K4B1A80-A6). Powered by Sub-6 5G and Wi-Fi 6E, this device ensures swift data transfer and seamless communication even in challenging environments. The 4GB RAM and 64GB flash storage provide ample space for applications and data, enabling rapid access to crucial information.

The 6.0-inch display delivers clear visuals, enhancing user interaction and real-time decision-making. Equipped with an SE55 scanning engine, it facilitates efficient data capture, while the 8MP front and 16MP rear cameras allow for detailed image and video capture, proving useful in documenting field operations.

The warm swap feature along with a 4680 mAh standard battery ensures uninterrupted operation, while wireless charging adds a layer of convenience. Designed for rugged use, the TC78 is a reliable companion for various business environments including retail, logistics, and field services. Its GMS and ROW certifications, along with the required corresponding certification for Restricted Item Class 4, underline its adherence to quality and operational standards, making it a smart choice for enterprises aiming to boost productivity and streamline operations.