Posted on 04/09/2023


Royal Unibrew A/S, Denmark's second-largest brewery company, utilizes Tactile's VMR. 

Unibrew's journey is a clear example of how a combination of advanced technology and reliable partners can lead to a future company taking steps towards increased efficiency and competitiveness. Tactile Rugged Computers' VMR12, in combination with Codeex's commitment, has enabled Unibrew to strengthen its operations and create a platform for future growth and innovation.

The VMR series exemplifies this adaptability to meet specific customer needs. Depending on requirements, one can choose between a 12-inch or 15-inch screen size. You can also opt for an i5 processor and/or a 1000 nit screen for daylight readability. In addition, various built-in modules like WiFi, 4G, and GPS can be added to suit your business. Moreover, you can customize the forklift computer with expansions for audio, USB, COM, HDMI, MPCIe, GPIO, and CAN Bus, providing you with full flexibility.